Traveling with a sex toy can get pretty complicated. First of all there are countries that prohibit them and if you are caught with one in your possession you can be tried, with very serious consequences. But even when traveling within borders or areas where there is no problem with sex aids, organizing a tour with them can be quite difficult.

What if they show up at airport screening? What if your suitcase opens just before you get on the ship or even inside it? If a button is pressed during the trip, it starts working and you have to open your suitcase in front of everyone to close it? Especially in plane travel, which itself is stressful, such an incident could be quite embarrassing. Fortunately, there are some tricks that you can follow to avoid such situations and they are also approved by the experts.

Take out the batteries

Make sure you've removed the batteries from all your sex toys before you travel. Why; Because you don't want them to suddenly start working during the trip. And that's not only because someone can see you turn it off, but because the sound of the vibration can sound like a bomb and upset an entire airport or harbor because of a vibrator. Remove the batteries, keep them away from your sex toy, but don't forget to pack them!

Lock them up

If you don't want to go through the process of removing batteries, you can choose a game that has a security code or key to launch. Many sex toys on the market have their own lock for this very reason.

Prefer those that charge with usb

Even if you forget the charger, you can charge it from your laptop or mobile phone. Easily and quickly, without batteries or keys, your game will be ready for use.

Choose small and discreet toys

Now, many of the sex aids come in small sizes or in shapes that do not suggest a vibrator. Choose one like this for your trip, so that your suitcase will weigh less and there will be fewer strange looks if an accident happens.

Put your sex toys in the already checked luggage

The best and safest way to travel with a love aid and know that there won't be an accident, is to put the sex toys in the suitcases that will be checked and go directly on the plane. Again, someone will see them, but you will avoid strange looks and if something happens you will not have to open it in front of everyone.

Leave the noisy toys at home

Usually, tourist resorts are not famous for their good sound insulation. So, prefer to take your quietest game on vacation, to avoid complaints from the neighbors.

Use apps if you're on holiday apart from your partner

There are several toys that you can put on your body and be controlled by someone from a distance. If you're looking for a way to stay sexually connected to your partner while you're away, this is the best solution.

Take your favorite scented candles with you

If your mood for foreplay and sex is heightened under certain circumstances, take what you need with you. Because usually our luggage must not exceed a certain weight, choose either small bottles of aromatic oils or a small candle with your favorite scent.

Don't forget the condoms

Especially if you are traveling abroad. Prefer to already have with you those you know and trust, to avoid unpleasant surprises on your trip. Who knows; You can use your sex toy with someone else together.

Lubrication and cleaning

Even if you don't take scented candles with you, you will definitely take your toy cleaner, but also your lube. Especially if you plan to have sex with people in the area you'll be visiting, both are essential.